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Preparation Information for German Roach Treatment   BEFORE  
1. Remove all items from kitchen cupboards (upper & lower), dishes, cookware, glassware, foodstuff, canned goods, etc… Place all items on a table and cover them with a sheet.  Take drawers out and turn them upside down on a  counter top
2. All kitchen appliances and any other items left on the kitchen floor must be pulled at least 3 feet away from  the wall.
3. Kitchen counters, cabinets, stove, oven and range hood must be thoroughly cleaned with soap & water (No harsh chemicals).It is important that the area be free from grease and food particles.
4. All cleaning of cupboards, walls and shelves should be done BEFORE treatment occurs.
5. Empty medicine cabinets, counter tops and all bathroom cabinets (towels, tissue, toiletries, etc…)
6. D&S Termite & Pest Control recommends that all persons vacate the structure for at least 4 hours and until treated areas have dried.  Persons with ailing health, children under 2 years old and pregnant women must vacate for 24 hours and/or follow their doctor’s advice.
7. Remove all pets for at least a four (4) hour period.  Birds must be removed for twenty-four (24) hours.
8. Aquariums should be sealed off with plastic wrapping, and the filter turned off for a four (4) hour period.
1. Upon returning to the premises, open windows for a short period of time.  Thoroughly ventilating treated areas following the application can reduce potential odors.
2. Turn aquarium filter back on.
3. Wipe down countertops.  DO NOT wipe down inside of cabinets.
4. You may now return everything to the cabinets and drawers.